Enjoy your own getaway space,all year round.

Transform your garden into a place of relaxation.

Pure leisure

We want to bring the entire holiday experience to you. Not only is our furniture comfortable, it's also very low in maintenance and doesn't even need to be stored away.

Easy to maintain

Because of the strong and weather-proof materials of our furniture, the utmost you'll ever do to keep your pieces fresh, is spray them off with a pressure washer. After that, you're good to go to back to your moment of leisure and relaxation.

No need to stow away

Thanks to the weather-proof materials, there is no need to stow away your furniture. They can easily persevere through any weather condition, summer or winter. It's the perfect excuse to extend your relaxing moment outside with a cosy blanket even when the evenings get a little chillier.

Sustainable materials

Quality and sustainability are two of our main priorities. All of our products are created out of sustainable and strong materials that maintain their superior quality, year after year.

Sunbrella fabric

Our upholstered pieces are made with the Sunbrella fabric. The Sunbrella fabric does not degrade from sunlight, nor heavy rain, cold or any other weather conditions. That makes your Stay furniture easy to maintain and durable.

Created to last

Your STAY™ piece is always made from sustainable materials. We consciously choose for durability and quality through the use of aluminium and the Sunbrella fabric in our furniture. Each piece is created to last.

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Refined design

Balanced, light and modern. The unique frames of our products provide you with maximum comfort and effortless design. A STAY™ product transforms your garden.


Comfort shouldn't exclude style, nor visa versa. At STAY™, we choose both. We find the balance between truly comfy pieces that are also easy on the eyes and timeless. No need to choose between one and the other, just go for the best of both worlds.

Your own resort

A STAY™ furniture piece transforms your garden into your very own 5-star resort. With its refined design and clever, long-lasting materials, you can sit back and relax in your garden at any moment. Your very own resort, just outside.

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Transforming your garden into your everyday getaway.

We've always loved the idea of creating a space of your own at home. A space for you to unwind and relax in after a busy day. In today's hectic world, it's easy to forget to stop once in a while and take time for yourself. We believe that having a moment dedicated to yourself shouldn't be a yearly occasion that only occurs when you're going on a vacation to a destination far away. We want to introduce a daily getaway into people's lives.

That's how we founded STAY™, outdoor design furniture. We focus on outdoor furniture that isn't only comfortable and durable, but also looks good. Three factors that play an immense role in transforming your garden into your getaway space.

The STAY™ collection consists of an array of different outdoor furniture pieces, from loungers to accessories and complete lounge sets. So whether you want to transform your cosy city backyard into a relaxing space or enjoy your spacious garden with an entire lounge set, we offer you an array of products to help you enjoy a vacation in your own garden. Sit back and relax.

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